Course Curriculum

Beginner Driver Education Course Options

For maximum flexibility, we offer classes on weekends and during the week for March break, July and August. Class length varies depending on the course option you choose. In both cases, a total of 20 hours of in-class training is required.

Weekend Classes

Weekend classes run Saturday & Sunday for two weekends for a total of four days. March break, July & August run for the 4 days. Classes run between  9:45am-3:15pm each day for a total of 5 1/2 hours including breaks.

In-Car lessons

Our curriculum allows for 10 hours of in-vehicle training. For higher level of training, we believe strongly in the one to one student-instructor ratio.


 "The CPD-Jetala Curriculum was the first BDE Curriculum approved under the Ontario Ministry of Transportation's New Standards and certainly in all areas, exceeds the minimum requirements.” Quote form MTO - Dec 8, 2008

Online Driver Handbook

G1 Practice Test


Our curriculum includes 10 hours of Home-Link assignments. This is done through our Student Workbook, and involves collision analysis, group activity, and case studies.

40 hours of instruction are required for all MTO approved Beginner Driver Education Courses.

The Canadian Pro Drivers curriculum has been used by over 200 schools across Ontario to teach over 80,000 students how to drive.