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Graduated Licensing for Automobile drivers- Class G1, G2, G

To apply for a license in Ontario, you must be at least 16 years of age and pass a standard vision test, as well as a test of your knowledge of the traffic signs and road rules. After passing the test you will receive your class G1 licence and a driver information package for new drivers. You must then pass two road tests to become a fully licensed driver.

Class G1

New drivers of passenger vehicles learn to drive with six important conditions under a G1 license for a minimum of 12 months before attempting the G1 exit road test. This time can be reduced to 8 months if you successfully complete a Ministry-approved Beginner Driver Education Course. Drivers earn more privileges after passing their G1 road test.
As a G1 driver, you are required to :
-Maintain a zero blood alcohol level while driving
-Be accompanied by a fully licensed driver, who has at least 4 years driving experience, and a blood alcohol level of less than .05 (accompanying drivers 21 and under must have zero percent), in case he/she needs to take over the wheel.
-No driving from midnight till 5:00 am

Class G2
New drivers must hold a G2 license for a minimum of 12 months before being eligible to take their G2 road test. At this level, you have more privileges because of your driving experience. You may drive without an accompanying driver on all Ontario roads anytime. However, you are still required to:
-Maintain a zero blood alcohol level while driving.
-Ensure the number of passengers in the vehicle is limited to the number of working seat belts.
-For the first six months, G2 drivers aged 19 and under cannot carry more than one passenger aged 19 and under between midnight and 5a.m.
-After the first six months, G2 drivers aged 19 and under cannot carry more than three passengers aged 19 and under between midnight and 5a.m.




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Zero Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) for Novice and Young Drivers 21 and Under

Effective August 1st 2010 both novice drivers of any age and all drivers 21 and under regardless of the license class must have a blood alcohol level of zero when operating a motor vehicle.

If you are a novice driver and are caught with any amount of alcohol in your blood, you will receive an immediate 24-hour roadside driver suspension. If convicted, will be subject to a fine from $60-$500 and will receive a suspension period as per the Novice Driver Escalating Sanction scheme, up to and including cancellation of the novice license. You will also have to return to the start of the GLS.

If you are a fully licensed driver who is 21 and under and you are caught with alcohol in your blood, you will receive a 24-hour roadside suspension. If convicted, you will be subject to a fine of $60-500 and a 30-day license suspension

Escalating Sanctions for all Novice Drivers (G1, G2)

Effective August 1st 2010, novice drivers will be subject to Novice Driver Escalating Sanctions. These sanctions will apply if, within a five year period, you:

-Are convicted of violating any of the graduated licensing conditions;

are convicted of HTA offenses that result in 4 or more demerit points; or

-Receive a court ordered suspension for an HTA offense that would have resulted in 4 or more demerit points.

Novice Drivers

The Novice Escalating Sanctions are as follows:

-30 day license suspension for first occurrence.

-90-day license suspension for the second occurrence; and

-Novice license cancellation for the third occurrence. Upon a third occurrence, your novice drivers license will be canceled and any time discount earned, time credited or fees paid will be forfeited. You must re-apply to the graduated licensing program by passing a vision and knowledge test and paying all licensing fees. After you pass these tests, you will enter Level One and get a Class G1 license. You must serve all the Level One and Level Two waiting periods and start as a new driver. You would need to take a beginner driver education course to qualify for a time discount.