BDE Course and Private Lessons

We offer two options for driver training, the Beginner Driver Education Course (BDE), or private hourly lessons. Aside from expert driver training, the BDE course allows students to obtain their G2 license four months earlier (8 months as opposed to 12 months).  Depending on your needs or circumstances, private hourly lessons are also an option. These private lessons are an excellent way to prepare for a G1 or G2 exit road test. Some people use this option as a way to refresh themselves with good driving techniques before their road test.

With Your Safety in Mind

“When it comes to driver education, go with the leader. After all you will learn to drive only once. At the Academy we believe that there are no such things as ‘accidents’. Most of so called ‘accidents’ are predictable and preventable.

With our unique interactive curriculum and outstanding behind the wheel training you will learn not only how to pass your road test, but what is most important, you will experience the best in collision prevention. Road safety is our number one priority”

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There are many benefits to taking a driver education course, but the top 5 are;

1. Professional driver training

2. Enhanced defensive driving skills

3. Improved confidence

4. 4 month credit towards G1 exit.

5. Could possibly provide  incentives from your insurance provider, ie: reduced insurance premiums, credit toward safe driving record, etc.


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