Product Options/ Fees

Beginner Driver Education Course

In-Class 20 Hrs

Home-Link 10Hrs

In-Vehicle 10Hrs

G2 Preparation Package

In-Car lessons - 3Hours and

use of car for G2 road test or if car is not needed for G2 road test you can have  

4-1 hour lessons.

Total package cost $245.00

G-Prep Pack In-Car Lessons - 3 hours and use of car for G road test. Package cost is $275.00

G2 Preparation Package

This package is designed for drivers who have not taken a formal drivers course, but have some driver knowledge and skills. We spend three 60 minute lessons preparing the driver for their G1 exit test. This includes, addressing any bad driving habits, lessons on parallel/ hill parking, three point turns, and other crucial driving tasks necessary for your G1 exit test. This package also includes the use of our Drivers ed car for your road test.

Private Lessons

For those drivers that are confidant in their driving abilities, and just want a lesson for their G1 exit, or G2 exit road test, this is an excellent option. If your desire is to also use our vehicle for your road test, a minimum of one private lesson is required before your test day. This is for us to evaluate your driving skills prior to you using our vehicle for your road test. We pay a high insurance premium for our vehicles and we want to ensure you are a skilled driver.

With Use of Car the total fee will be 

G1 exit test (G2 licence) is $130.00 ($65.00 + $65.00)

G2 exit test (G licence)is $155.00 ( $65.00 + $90.00)



Private Lesson
1 Hour private lesson is $65.00

Note: If you would like to use the instructors car for a road test the fee is $65.00 for G2 road test and $90.00 for a G road test.  You must have a lesson beforehand.  A minimum of 3-4 weeks notice is needed for use of car.  This will ensure that a vehicle is available for the road test. 

Beginner Driver Education Course

The beginner driver Education Course (BDE) is a multifaceted course that combines 20 hours of in-class theory, 10 hours of in-car practical, and 10 hours of home-link assignments to produce well trained and knowledgeable beginner drivers. The goal of this course is to prepare students with the driving skills necessary to successfully pass the 

G1 exit test, which will allow them to drive unsupervised on their own.

(With this course you are able to go 4 months earlier for your G2 road test).


Driver Improvement Course

6 hours of in-class instruction and 1 hour driving assessment

$375.00.  Taxes included

Course Fee


(plus HST and Certification = $835.00)

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To Schedule Your MTO Road Test

Call 1-888-570-6110 or or visit a DriveTest Office in person.

DriveTest requires 48 hours’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling. They charge $50 for late cancellations or missed appointments. DriveTest requires you to bring your own vehicle. You can rent one from us.