Do I have to have my G1 before I can take a driver's ed. course?

No.  You can take the in-class portion before you have your G1.

Do I have to be 16 to register for a driver education course?

No.  You can register and take the in class portion a couple of months prior to your 16th birthday.  The ministry stipulates that you must start and complete all portions of the course within a set time period.

Are you a ministry approved course provider?

Yes we are a ministry approved provider and the Insurance Bureau of Canada recognizes our program as well.

When are the in car lessons scheduled?

They are booked at times that fit you and your instructors schedule.  All lessons are private one on one sessions.

Can I use one of your vehicles for my road test?

Yes our vehicles are available for road tests even if you have not taken driver education with us.

I live in Cobden and have my G1 and want to practice highway driving.  Can I drive to Pembroke or Ottawa?

You can drive to Pembroke and as far as the beginning of the divided highway just before Arnprior.  The only time a G1 driver is allowed to drive on expressways is with an licensed driving instructor.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes they are.  You can purchase a certificate for hourly lessons or packages as well as the complete beginner driver education course.

Can I drive in the US on my G2 licence?

The Ministry of Transportation suggests that you check the regulations in the state you will be visiting as the regulations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  In some states you cannot in others you have the same driving privileges as in Ontario.

Can I drive in Quebec on my G1 licence?

Yes but you must follow all the rules of Quebec probationary drivers.